Natural gas leaks

  • Indoor leaks. Evacuate the building immediately. Shut off the gas at the appliance’s supply line – or, if you cannot identify the leaking appliance, shut off gas at the meter or service valve only. When you are certain the gas is off and all ignition hazards are eliminated, coordinate ventilation procedures with National Grid. Ventilate the building from the top down, using natural air currents. Never ventilate while personnel are inside.
  • Outdoor leaks. Evacuate the area immediately. Contact National Grid immediately to shut off the gas. Never try to operate underground pipeline valves or relief vents.
  • Eliminate ignition hazards. Do not use doorbells, garage door openers, light switches, matches or lighters. Use only intrinsically safe radios and flashlights in the vicinity of a gas leak.
DO NOT use garage door opener

If National Grid does not distribute natural gas in your department’s response area, please coordinate your incident response with the appropriate local gas utility.