National Grid
First responder utility safety bulletin Spring 2020
Universal carbon monoxide and natural gas alarms
Family evacuating home
Firefighter monitoring air with CGI
Proper RMD location
The RMD must be properly located. RMDs should not be installed in garages, in very dirty/dusty areas or in locations with extreme temperatures, such as uninsulated attics and crawl spaces. They should be positioned away from fuel-burning equipment and sources of moisture, with the following clearances:
National Grid’s free First Responder Utility Safety Training Program has helped thousands of emergency response personnel learn to operate safely during incidents involving utility hazards. This program, which includes gas and electric certification trainings, covers natural gas pipelines and electric power lines as well as other facilities.
Toxicity | Natural gas is non-toxic. | Natural gas can diaplace oxygen. | Oxygen deficient atmosphere = asphyxiation hazard | Wear self-contained breathing apparatus in natural gas emergencies. | Copyright © 2013 National Grid USA Service Company, Inc. All rights reserved.
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